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    Social Recruitment

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    Job name 合成助理研究员/研究员
    Education 本科/硕士
    Professional 有机合成、化学等相关专业
    Number of people 5
    Work place 杭州?余杭区

    1. 1年以上药物合成经验;
    2. 扎实的专业基础理论功底,较强的实验操作技能;
    3. 熟悉药物研发流程,具有一定项目经验。

    Release time 2021-06-01

    Contact information and resume delivery email:
    Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Research Institute: +86-571-86298605, nthr@sinopep.com
    Jiande Factory: +86-571-58319981, asnhr@allsino.com
    Lianyungang Factory: +86-518-85797008, opep-hr@sinopep.com

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    Sales Department:

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