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    Thymalfasin for Injection

    Product name Thymalfasin for Injection
    Dosage 1.6mg
    Indications 1. Chronic hepatitis B.
    2. As an immune response enhancer for immunocompromised patients, thymalfasin for injection can enhance the immune response to viral vaccines, such as influenza or hepatitis B vaccines, in patients with suppressed immune system function, including those receiving chronic hemodialysis and geriatric diseases.
    Pharmacological mechanism The mechanism of this drug in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B or in the enhancement of immune system reactivity has not been fully elucidated. Many in vitro experiments showed that the product through stimulation of peripheral blood lymphocyte silk crack that promote T lymphocyte of mature, increase the antigen or silk to crack the original activated T cells, secretion of interferon alpha, interferon gamma, and interleukin 2, interleukin 3 lymphatic factor levels, at the same time increase the level of T cell surface lymphatic factor receptor.This product can also enhance the human mixed lymphocyte response of allogeneic and autogenous by activating CD4 cells.This product may increase the accumulation of pre-NK cells, while interferon may enhance its cytotoxicity.In vivo experiments showed that this product could increase the expression level of interleukin-2 receptor in lymphocytes of mice activated by canvasin A, and increase the secretion level of interleukin-2 at the same time.
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